Theme 3: Ecological Crises

Keywords: global warming, “natural” disasters, hybridity, production of nature, “climate wars/refugees” …

One of eleven session themes at the conference focuses on the causes and dimensions of, and reactions to, the ecological crisis. The socially produced ecological crisis has multiple impacts, especially for those who are excluded from the access to social, ecological and economic recourses. We want to discuss the questions, experiences and answers of a critical geography to the recent dynamics of society-nature relations in the context of globalization, neoliberalisation, growth of population and urban areas and there impacts on different scales and different global regions.

We welcome session proposals which address one or more of the following themes (further suggestions are possible):

1. Theoretical perspectives: what are the analytical potentials of approaches like political ecology, political economy or actor network theory to explain the ecological crisis?

2. Research practices: what are useful experiences of (self)reflexion of a critical standpoint and of class, race, gender identity in environmental studies?

3. Methodological impacts: how can we analyze society-nature relations and the dialectics of materiality and discourse?

4. Political perspectives: which progressive forms of politicizing the ecological crisis can be detected (by which analytical concepts)?

5. Knowledge transfer: how can critical approaches be integrated into environmental studies curricula, what role does critical geographical knowledge (e.g. on climate change) play in environmental conflicts, and how can this role be enhanced for both scientific and political ends?

6. Gender, class, race: how do the impacts of climate change reinforce social injustice?

7. Scientific hegemony: how can we integrate the separated perspectives of critical research on environment and development in developing and developed countries?

Proposals which allow more open communications like round table discussions, group experimentations or other alternative forms are preferred.

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