Final Information

Dear participants of the 6. International Conference of Critical Geography,

In less than 4 weeks we will meet in Frankfurt, app. 400 of us! With this email we send you some final pieces of information. Please note that registration for short excursion on 18 August is possible until 4 August.

Best wishes from Frankfurt,
the organizers.

Short Excursions
As part of the program, we will offer a range of short (2-5h) excursions around the city-region of Frankfurt am Main, which will all take place parallel on 18 August, 1-7 pm. Registration for the excursions is open until 4 August and is being handled according to the principle of first come, first served (continue to registration). We are doing our best to comply with your requests. However, if the demand for specific excursions exceeds the limit, we maybe have to put late-comers on a different field trip. Anyone who does not register for an excursion until 4 August will be assigned to one. After registering for a short excursion you will receiver further Information by email at a later date or at the registration desks when you register for the conference.


If you still need accommodation for your stay in Frankfurt you can use one of the two following options:

1) PRIVATE ACCOMMODATION/BILLETING: Send a request to "", including your day of arrival and how long you want to stay in Frankfurt. Some people are offering private accommodation and we will try to coordinate supply and demand. Because it is very unlikely that there will be enough private places for all of you in Frankfurt, please check out the second option as well:

2) SHARING A HOTEL ROOM: Visit the website and follow the "INSTRUCTIONS". Here you can organize yourself to find roommates for sharing a double room, which is much cheaper than a single room. Please find a booking interface for hotels with special conditions near the conference venue at

Technical Equipment
Please note that every conference room is equipped with a data projector but Laptops are not available. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN LAPTOP or make sure that at least one person in your session brings a laptop along. In case you have an apple, please bring along an adapter (DVI-to-VGA). In case absolutely no one in your session owns a laptop or can borrow one, please refer to the conference organizers for help.

Please also make sure in advance that your laptop connects with the data projector. You will find an instruction in your conference folder. During the registration – Tuesday, 16 August, 2 to 4 pm with help of technical staff – will be time to test your laptop in the room where you will present during the conference. In case you have problems, please contact our staff. We recommend you to really use the opportunity to test laptop and data projector during the registration, because we cannot guarantee to get your presentation running in time, if we just try half an hour before your session!

Internet Access at Conference
All conference participants will be provided with individual passwords to access the free Campus wireless LAN. (Additionally on Campus you will find wireless access via EDUROAM.)

During the conference, the Karl Marx Bookstore ( will host a bookstand every day between 5 and 8 pm. If anyone wants to have her/his books displayed and sold (25% for the bookstore), please feel free to contact the bookstore or just bring the books along. Für deutschsprachige Bücher gilt die Buchpreisbindung.

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