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1. You have to login yourself with the information you have received from us (login information you find in the E-Mail "6. International Conference of Critical Geography, final information"). You can find the “login”-button in the menu on the left side.

After logging in appears the "Contributor Menü" beneath the "RSS Summary" Box in the bar on the left. There you choose "Neuen Beitrag anlegen".

3. Then appears the input-page, insert all your stuff and give the article a title. For editing the text use the grayed out menu.


4. IMPORTANT: Below the text-insert-box you'll find a dropdown menu which is titled “Wähle ein Thema...” in which we beg you to choose a Theme for your comment. If there is now fitting Theme you can create a new one in the box which is titled “... oder erstelle ein neues”

5. Then you can submit your article by pressing the button “Veröffentlichen”

Congratulation you have entered successfully an article in the Blog of the 6. ICCG

6. To logout press "Abmelden"

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