Theme 4: Subjectivities - in crisis?

Keywords: sexuality, gender, age, race, class …
The sessions focusing on “Subjectivities” are meant to address both theoretical and empirical perspectives, i.e. the ways
  • (theoretical) concepts of “the subject” is destabilized and in crisis,
  • in which present socioeconomic restructuring destabilizes subjectivities
  • various forms of contested political subjectivities react to a) and b) in everyday life.
The general objective is to discuss identity politics that a) recognize multiple social categories and their transgression within ssubjectivities and b) understand subjectivities and spaces as mutually formative. We particularly like to address emergent issues from feminist, post-colonial, urban and migration studies, as well as from political, economic and social geographies.

We would like to invite sessions and presentations (including roundtable discussions, short field trips, challenging impulses – and also “proper papers”) with a particular emphasis on embodied subjectivities and identities as being constituted by and constitutive of discursive and performative social processes at various spatial scales and yet inevitable being “bound” to their materialities. This includes to give special attention to social categories such as gender, sexuality, class, age, (dis)ability, health, race and ethnicity … – as well as to the interde-pendencies of these categories and their intersections within subjectivities.

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