Theme 9: Babel-crisis – Critique through translation?

Keywords: science and the diversity of languages – problem or chance?, critical potential of translation, multilingual experimentation ...

Why are we writing this text in English? Despite the incredible language diversity among social scientists it is usually assumed that English is the language of the international social science and geography. The domination of the English language involves many power relations, not only in terms of English as a medium for communication but also concerning the contents of academic work, the contexts of interpretation, the ways of doing research, and therefore, the hegemony of the Anglo-American academic system itself. The aim of this session is to work within Babel – the diversity of languages – about the crisis of Babel – and particularly about power and domination through language in academic work. What are the reasons and the dimensions of the Anglo-American hegemony in social sciences? – Can translation be a critical response to it? If so, how? Contributions to our session should deal with these questions. We like to encourage especially alternative forms of contributions and critical creativity, including short inputs, disputations, translation concepts or multilingual interactions with the participants. Please send us your proposal for participation until 10th of January 2010.

This is also a call for translation: If you want to help to multilingualise this session, please contact Jörg Mose until 15th of April.
More details about all this in many different languages see the downloads list.

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